Leasing at the Element is offered on an individual (per student) basis much like university housing. What this means to students and parents is that rent is a fixed cost where each student is responsible for their themselves. Most importantly, this puts parents at ease and removes any roommate conflict that can result when one person has a hardship and doesn’t pay rent.

This leasing flexibility gives every student the ability to live at the Element even if they don’t have other roommates; Additionally, Element offers a free roommate matching process utilizing a questionnaire that helps guide roommate matching recommendations. Taking important personality assessments, preferences, pet-peeves, and academic routines has helped make this a successful feature.

Lastly, roommates can mix and match different lease terms depending on housing needs. The out-of-state student, or the summer-school student, may like the year-round lease; the in-state-students, and those who head home for summer can choose the 10-month lease. And, if students are unsure of their year-round housing needs, they can start with a 10-month lease and request a summer extension later on.